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At Millennium, we’re more than a materials supplier.  As a national distributor of fiber optic materials that build broadband networks, Millennium offers a host of solutions to help providers - everything from introducing new technologies that make networks more reliable to managing project and material needs to the rental and leasing of capital equipment.


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Millennium Geospatial's data-driven design allows you to maximize the funding of your build and identify the assets available in the area, which creates a simplified, flexible, lower-cost solution. Discover 5 things you should know about going from WISP to FISP -or- Become a FISP today.


Materials and Project Management is our specialty,  we work with many network owners on staging the release of materials. Take advantage of our custom, local inventory management to meet your 25/3 Mbps broadband service build requirements. Go shopping.


Millennium Leasing gives you access to equipment for as long (or as short!) of time as you need through renting. No shelling out the big bucks for new equipment when you may only use it temporarily. For long-term options, you can lease or even Rent-to-Own. We also offer hands-on training!

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